Welcome to the website of the Tregonhawke Cliff Chalet Owners' Association


TCCOA Ltd. owns Tregonhawke Cliff. Its shareholders are joint owners of all the land outside their freehold plots. There are also freehold chalet owners who are not shareholders in TCCOA Ltd. because their freeholds were originally purchased individually from the Tregonhawke Trust, which owned the Cliff before TCCOA Ltd. They do not own any of the Cliff outside their plots.

TCCOA Ltd. is run on behalf of the shareholders by an elected board of directors who are all unpaid volunteers. Their aim is to maintain the Cliff for the benefit of all, and to preserve the nature of the Cliff as far as possible. This includes commissioning periodic professional reports on cliff stability and carrying out regular safety inspections to ensure there are no unforeseen hazards.

The committee's responsibilities include:

  • Leasing out the Cliff Top Café. This is a major asset which, when well run, provides a service and focus for everyone who lives on the Cliff or comes to it as a visitor. It is very well run indeed by the current lessees, Ben and Louise, whose contribution to us all cannot be overstated.
  • Carrying out quarterly inspections of the Cliff in order to look for potential and actual rockfalls.
  • Ensuring that shareholders and Old Freeholders do not extend the legitimate boundaries of their freeholds by enclosing the common land. According to the rules, all TCCOA shareholders can buy land adjacent to their properties up to a maximum of 25% of the original plot size, subject to independent valuation and with all costs met by the shareholder.
  • Protecting the natural state of the Cliff as a semi-wild environment. The main paths are strimmed regularly; chalet owners should let Ben at the Cliff Top Café know if they notice any paths needing attention. Other areas of vegetation should be left undisturbed unless there are safety reasons for cutting back; the committee must approve any additional clearing.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the rubbish and recycling compound. N.B. Bulky items that are too big for a normal refuse collection must be disposed of by chalet owners through Cornwall Council's bulky waste collection or by taking them directly to the nearest official facility.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the water supply for those chalets connected to the TCCOA Ltd. supply.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the private road and track including obtaining agreed contributions from other authorised users and administering temporary track access permits (for which a charge is made and a deposit required - see Private Road and Track page.)
  • Ensuring that adequate signage is in place to alert all users of the Cliff to potential hazards.
  • Maintaining public liability insurance cover.

Everything done by TCCOA Ltd. is funded by the annual charges paid by the shareholders, although other chalet owners and cliff users also benefit. Donations from non-shareholders are therefore very welcome.

If you would like to help the directors, please offer your assistance. If you are interested in becoming a director, you should be willing and able to commit your time, including attending the committee meetings on a regular basis.

For more information, please contact the secretary via the form on the Contacts page.

(657) 207-1395

Renting a Chalet

TCCOA does not rent chalets and has no particular responsibilities with regard to those who rent out, or rent them, since they are owned by freeholders and not the company. It is up to individual chalet owners to comply with relevant legislation regarding property letting and to ensure occupants are aware of such matters as fire safety procedures and how to dispose of their rubbish and recycling.

To find out more about renting out your chalet, or renting a chalet for a holiday, see our Renting Chalets article.

Rebuilding and Planning

When working on a chalet at Tregonhawke, you must take into account whether planning permission is required. In general, work that affects the appearance of a building may require planning permission. There are some additional planning restrictions in force at Whitsand Bay due to it being classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

To find out more about rebuilding and planning, see our Renting Chalets article.

Recycling and Rubbish

The Cliff and Tregonhawke Beach are not cleaned by the local authority, and any discarded rubbish is left to pollute the environment and spoil the natural state of the cliff unless it is removed by volunteers or shareholders pay someone to collect it. PLEASE TAKE YOUR RUBBISH AND RECYCLING HOME. To find out more about disposing of rubbish, unwanted items and recycling, see the Recycling and Rubbish article.